Community health centre

A Checkpoint is a health centre for gay and other men who have sex with men (MSM). The Checkpoints Vaud and Zürich also counsel transgender people and their partners.

Sexual Violence

Are you a victim of an attack against your personal sexual integrity?

What to do in the event of sexual violence?

Men and transgender women with male sexual organs:
Go as quickly as possible to the hospital emergency depertment

Women and transgender men with female sexual organs:
Go as quickly as possible to the womens hospital emergency department

There you will receive:

  • An examination and a medical report (the report is important for pressing charges at the police station)
  • Emergency treatment against STI and HIV (as early as possible, no later than 48 hours)
  • Emergency prevention
  • Psychological support

If chemical substances such as (K.O. drops) were involved in the assault; then blood and urine samples must be taken within 4 to 6 hours, otherwise they are no longer detectable.

Call immediately!

  • 144: ambulance
  • 117: police
  • Hospital emergency department
  • Or go straight to an emergency department

In case of a psychological crisis call the emergency psychiatric department or go there directly.

After the assault

Collect all evidence of the assault and keep every possible clue.

  • Collect evidence:
    • Do not wash yourself (the best thing is not at all)
    • Do not wash your clothes
  • Collect information:
    • Description of the attacker and their car
    • Take photos, if possible with the date, of injuries or visible clues
    • Take down the names of possible witnesses 
  • Seek help (see below)

HELP after the assault

After a physical or sexual assault seek help as soon as possible :

  • Go as quickly as possible to the hospital emergency department or to the doctor, for medical attention and to assure secured evidence (see above).
  • If required ask for psychological support.
  • Press charges. This move can also help you come to terms with your ordeal.
  • Get in touch with your nearest victim support group.
  • Get in touch with Checkpoint. They can support you and tell you how to proceed and let you know what else they can offer you.

Course of action in the event of violence in a partnership

If violence occurs in your partnership or even on a one night stand; we recommend the following course of action:

Safety, protection

To prevent further assaults:

  • Contact the police
  • Press charges and submit a private lawsuit
  • Accept help from family members or professionals, such as the victim support group victim support.
  • Increase your protection: move in with someone, have a security lock fitted on your door, be accompanied when you go out, inform your neighbours, etc.

Domestic violence is a criminal offence

Since April 2004, domestic violence has been deemed to be a criminal offence, for same sex partners, aswell as non-registered partnerships.

This means that the victim does not have to file a lawsuit, in order for criminal proceedings to be pursued. Each person who has knowledge of the violent act can inform the authorities (police or district attorney) who are then obliged to follow up the case.

Further information on this subject:

The victim support institutions of Basel and Zürich are, in the Cantons Basel, respectively Zurich,  responsible for victims of sexual violence amongst men and homophobic violence.

Zurich: Opferberatung Zürich

Basel: Opferhilfe beider Basel