Community health centre

A Checkpoint is a health centre for gay and other men who have sex with men (MSM). The Checkpoints Vaud and Zürich also counsel transgender people and their partners.

Groups and Services (Transgender)


Transgender Network Switzerland (TGNS)
Schweizer Organisation von und für Transmenschen

German speaking Switzerland

Trans relevant appointments, meetings and events.

TGNS-Jugendgruppe Bern/Zürich
For trans people under 27.
Contact: Lea >

This group meeting is solely for the relatives of trans people,
even when others are sometimes present to offer advice.
Contact: Christian >

Gynäkologische Sprechstunde für Transmenschen Triemli-Spital Zürich
Low-threshold walk-in centre for trans women and trans mens gynaecological problems,
aswell as endocrinological support and counselling for sex reassignment surgery.
Also possible without a doctors referral.
Auch ohne ärztliche Überweisung möglich.
Dr. med. Niklaus Flütsch > Anmeldung: 044 466 59 60

Transmännerstammtisch Zürich
Trans men regulars table: on the third Wednesday of the month at «Bubbles» in Zürich..
Contact: Peter >

Treff des Transensyndikats Zürich
Regulars table: on the last Friday of the month.
Contact: Luisa >

TG-Treff Zürich
Regulars table: on the second Friday of the month.
Contact: Marlene >

Trans* Regulars Table, Bern
Regulars table: on the second Wednesday of the month in the Villa Stucki,
open to all trans people and Interested parties.
Contact: Henry >

Gendertreff Ostschweiz St. Gallen
Regulars table, where discussions on specific subjects take place.
Contact: Lia >

Self help group, Basle
Mixed group, meeting every two weeks.
Contact: Jannes >

Get-together and interexchange for partners of trans people, Basle
Kontakt: Petra >

Girls wanna have fun (GWHF) Wangen a. A.
Regulars table: on even months: 1st Saturday of the month. On uneven months: 1st Friday of the month.
Contact: Natalie >

French speaking Switzerland

Fondation Agnodice
Foundation for the promotion of a society considering diverse gender identities which are relevant to sexual and humane development.

Groupe Jeunes de VoGay
Up to the age of 25 – trans* friendly